Persona 5 Tactica

Valore totale degli Obiettivi: 1000

# Nome Descrizione Valore
A Tale of Revolution Completed the game. 100
Collection of Knowledge Filled all entries in Persona Compendium. 90
Grand Thievery Earned all awards. 90
Quality Time at Leblanc Watched all hideout Talk conversations. 90
Unparalleled Growth Reached max level. 30
Metaverse Aristocrat Accumulated 666,666 yen. 30
The Ultimate Mask Fused Satanael. 30
Conqueror of Kingdoms Completed all quests. 30
Weapons Master Purchased 50 unique weapons. 30
Well Traveled Traversed 10,000 squares. 30
The Battle Begins Reunited the Phantom Thieves. 30
Ultimate Strike Dealt 2,000 damage in a single attack. 15
Endless Journey Played through 500 turns. 15
You're Wide Open! Triggered One More 200 times. 15
Perfect Aim Performed 100 shooting attacks. 15
Close-Quarters Offensive Performed 100 melee attacks. 15
Manifest Your Will Used Persona skills 100 times. 15
Walk Your Own Path Used unique skills 50 times. 15
Stylish Synergy Performed an All-Out Attack 50 times. 15
Irreplaceable Bonds Performed a Baton Pass 10 times. 15
New Heights Learned the final skill in a skill tree. 15
Accidents Happen Witnessed a fusion accident. 15
Big Spender Purchased 10 weapons. 15
Lavenza's Aid Gained the ability to fuse Personas. 15
Novice Dismantler Broke down weapons 10 times. 15
Novice Craftsman Fused weapons 10 times. 15
Savior of the Land Defeated the first Kingdom's boss. 15
A Bright Future Ahead Defeated the second Kingdom's boss. 15
Those That Conquer Their Past Defeated the third Kingdom's boss. 15
A Will for Change Defeated the fourth Kingdom's boss. 15
Sleep Craftsman Inflicted Sleep using fusion weapons 20 times. 15
Come, Arsène! Inflicted Despair on enemies with Joker 20 times. 15
Take That Treasure, Kidd! Inflicted Shock on enemies with Ryuji 20 times. 15
Show Them Your Might, Zorro! Swept away enemies with Morgana 20 times. 15
Dance, Carmen! Inflicted Burn on enemies with Ann 20 times. 15
Wipe Them Out, Goemon! Inflicted Freeze on enemies with Yusuke 20 times. 15
Ride, Johanna! Pulled enemies into Vortex with Makoto 20 times. 15
Bewitch Them, Milady! Hypnotized enemies with Haru 20 times. 15
No Mercy! Inflicted Forget with Erina 20 times. 15