Martha is dead

# Nome Descrizione Valore
Strength Taken all IR photos with hidden riddles 50
Judgement Taken all 4 IR photos of the lady 50
Justice Taken a photo with every camera accessory 30
The Lovers Completed Lapo's quest 90
The High Priestess All diary pages read 30
The Fool Completed all telephone calls for obtaining information 90
The Tower Discovered the house in the woods 30
The Stars Every newspaper edition read 30
The Emperor Observed an in-house object 20
The Sun Taken the first photo 20
The Hierophant Developed the first photo 20
The Magician Dressed in Martha's clothes 30
Temperance Played the first puppet theatre sequence 30
The Hermit Entered the family crypt 30
The Devil Played the second puppet theatre sequence 30
The Moon Communicated with the White Lady 30
The Hanged Man Collected all camera accessories 90
The Chariot Fixed the bike 30
The Wheels of Fortune Carried out a divination every day 50
The Empress Taken 5 photos with no story link 50
The World Developed 10 photos with no story link 70
Death Completed the games story 100