MLB The Show 19 - Playstation 4

# Nome Descrizione Valore
G.O.A.T. Earn all of The Show™ 19 Trophies.
Patience Is A Virtue Finish a game without skipping a presentation.
No-No Throw a no hitter or perfect game in a 9 inning game.
Immaculate Inning 3 strikeouts, 9 pitches total in 1 inning.
Well That Was Easy In Play Now, Retro Mode, or Franchise Mode, record 3 outs on 3 pitches in 1 inning by 1 pitcher.
Some Like It Holt Hit for a cycle in the Postseason™.
Welcome To The Chip In Diamond Dynasty, reach the Championship Series Division in Ranked Seasons.
A Chip Off The Ol' Block Hit a home run from both sides as a switch hitter.
You're Not The Boss of Me In Road to the Show successfully win a Boss Battle.
Simon Says In Road to the Show, reach a score of 40 in the pitch memory mini-game.
Hi, Dee Have your first encounter with Heidi Watney.
Velociraptor Hit the ball over 115+ mph.
Big Fly Ohtani Son Hit a home run with Ohtani on All-Star or above difficulty.
Father Son Picnic Win the Home Run Derby® with Bryce Harper.
Lock Him Up In Franchise mode, extend a player contract during the season.
Pump It In Road to the Show, reach 10 reps in the bench press mini-game.
Hello, World In Road to the Show, complete the new player creation.
None Shall Pass In Road to the Show, fail a challenge.
Something To Talk About In Diamond Dynasty, equip any unlocked audio.
The More You Know In Diamond Dynasty, complete the onboarding tutorial.
Walk This Way Record a walk in your first at-bat of the game.
Yyyaarrrrgghh! In Road to the Show, create a player who was born "At Sea".
Do It Like This Equip an unlockable no doubt home run animation.